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Your Child’s Day

Children at Play

9.15 Children arrive, change into slippers and self-register
Whilst your child is settling them you will come in to help them with this part of the day.
9.20 Free choice, child or adult-led individual or small group activities* from the Montessori curriculum, including access to the outside area and the opportunity for walks in the surrounding countryside
10.15 Snack available
12.10 Group circle time, including lessons of grace and courtesy, sharing of news, singing and/or story time*
  Morning only children Children staying for extended session
12.20 Put on outdoor clothing and collect items for home Toilet and wash hands
12.30 Children collected Take place at the lunch table
Afternoon activity
14.20 Put on outdoor clothing and collect items for home
14.30/14.45 Children collected

* Inclusion in group activities is optional for all children