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The sensorial activities were carefully developed by Montessori to expand and develop children’s existing knowledge and understanding of experiences. The range of activities are designed to refine each of the senses individually.

Many of the activities double as a direct preparation for mathematic and language curriculums.

The Five Senses Sight

Many activities develop the skill to use sight to grade objects by size, width, length or circumference. Others develop the child’s colour or shape recognition.
Using a child’s sense of touch to distinguish between, or grade, rough and smooth objects. One activity requires the child to match fabrics when blindfolded, another to match three dimensional shapes.
The Five Senses Touch
The Five Senses Hearing
Some activities teach a child to match sounds, or grade them from soft to loud. Bells are used to learn the musical scale and compare high notes to low.
Smelling bottles are used for children to match, and later identify, scents. This activity complements the spontaneous opportunities for children to experience different scents within the natural environment.
The Five Senses Smell
The Five Senses Taste
Cooking activities and snack time allow opportunity for children to explore different tastes and develop a recognition of the four main taste groups.