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Practical Life

Practical life activities are designed to teach children the skills they need for life. This curriculum area provides children with the opportunity to develop their independence, gross and fine motor skills, social skills and an understanding of how to care for the environment. Children practise the social graces of shaking hands, waiting their turn and even blowing their nose!

Watering the plants
Practical Life Image Exercises are linked closely to real life, real screws are tightened with a real screwdriver, fruit is cut with a real knife and sewing is carried out with a real needle and thread. We show children how to carefully use china plates and glass cups and jugs, and how to wash their dirty crockery.
For children it is not the end result that is important, they are far more interested in the learning process, and the art of perfecting their skills. The young child is attracted to activities that he sees going on around him and that give him independence and control over his own life.
Practical Life Image