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My Montessori Child is pioneering new software that helps Montessori settings to deliver the best possible educational experience for young children. It comprises of two parts; an iPad-based wireless system the teachers use daily both inside and outside the classroom; and a secure website for parents using any device connected to the internet.
My Montessori Child Logo

Teachers use the system via the iPads to unobtrusively record photographs and commentary on each child’s activities and play. They regularly review the collective observations to ensure each child’s development is properly supported in accordance with both Montessori principles and the Early YearsFoundation Stage framework. The system supports the teacher’s in planning future learning activities that support each child’s interests and preferred ways of learning.

The parents’ My Montessori Child website is updated regularly with these same child observation notes and photographs. This allows parents to engage with their child’s daily lives at The Little House in a meaningful way, and share with them the joy of their achievements. The site also keeps parents up to date with current topics, and suggests things they can do at home to support their children’s learning.

The My Montessori Child system is secure and fully encrypted to ensure no unauthorised person will see children’s data or photographs at any time.

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