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Children are prepared for the mathematics curriculum through the Practical Life and Sensorial activities which develop their skills of organisation as well as their ability to sort and grade objects. This is complimented by the singing of number rhymes and spontaneous counting opportunities during the child’s day.

We always begin with counting, lots of children can recite numbers in the correct sequence, but understanding the concept of counting with one to one correspondence (think about counting stairs one at a time as you climb them) is a matter of development, and a child will only be ready in their own time.

Mathematics Image
Mathematics Image We introduce numerals once the counting with one to one correspondence is secure. A child will use the Montessori materials to practice their counting, placing numerals in sequential order and matching objects to numerals and vice versa.

We introduce mathematical concepts such as addition and subtraction, and even thousands, hundreds, tens and units for those children with a particularly mathematical brain!

Our mathematical resources are exceptional, whatever your child’s ability we will be able to fulfil their potential.