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Children are prepared for the language curriculum through the Practical Life and Sensorial activities which develop their pincer (pencil) grip, and help them to practise working from left to right or in an anti-clockwise motion.

Montessori observed that children commonly show an interest in writing before they are receptive to reading. As a consequence the beginning of the language activities focus on handwriting skills then, then the child is ready, we begin by teaching the phonic sounds of letters (e.g. g for gate – not giraffe) alongside the letter formation.

Language Image The child later develops an understanding of word building and begins to ‘write’ three letter phonic words such as pig, dog, bus, before moving on to reading them. This is followed by the introduction of four letter phonic words, and then phonemes. Carefully selected reading books are used to support the child’s learning at appropriate stages.

Please remember all children develop and learn at their own pace and the Montessori ethos is always to follow the child. There are no guarantees that your child will be at a stage where they are ready to read by the time they leave us. However, we do promise that through our careful observations we will know when a child is receptive, and will support them in their exciting journey.